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Q. How do I place an order?

A. Please complete our order form located here and submit. We will email you confirmation once we have received your order.

Q. Do I need an account with you in order for you to treat my fabric?

A. Not at all, simply complete our order form and send your fabric in to us. Once the treatment is complete we will issue you a pro-forma invoice via email.


Q. Should I allow for any shrinkage?

A. We ask customers to allow 3% for shrinkage plus 30cm to be taken for testing after treatment.

Q. Do you have a minimum amount of fabric you will treat?

A. No we can treat any length of fabric, although minimum charges may apply for small lengths.

Q. Will the treatment affect the characteristics of the fabric?

A. We apply flame-retardant chemicals to the fabric, and although we take great care to minimise their effect, some change may occur. We would be happy to advise if requested.


Q. Can we pay by credit and debit cards?

A. We accept debit card but not credit card payments. Please call +44( 0)1706 849295 if you wish to pay via debit card.


Q. I have this three piece suite to use in my home and there is no label to prove that it has been flame retarded. I have been told that you can buy chemical to spray on the furniture to comply with the regulations. Is this correct?

A. This is not correct, remember that any treatment must be resistant to a thirty minute water soak test as well as achieve the correct levels of flame retardancy. In addition the foam, which can be deadly, may not be combustion modified. Further, compositions of fabrics vary, synthetic materials abound. We treat fabrics of differing compositions with a chemical designed to protect that particular type of material. However if the furniture is over 50 years old then you have no problem with flame retardancy regulations.


Q. I have purchased some curtain material for use in an hotel. I was told that the fabric was already flame retarded. However, I put a match to the edge of an off cut of material and it burned, have I been deceived?

A. Not necessarily, contrary to popular belief the curtain test is not an edge test. It is true that some fire officers do on site tests by putting the flame to the edge of a curtain material. They are trained to keep the match flame a certain distance away from the edge. The British Standard BS 5867 calls for a face burn with a controlled propane gas flame for 15 seconds. It may help to fold a sample of the material and apply a lighter flame to the fold, this is only an approximation of the results achieved under controlled conditions in a laboratory. 

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